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Creating a Logical System (LSYS)


Logical systems for SRX Series devices enable you to partition a single device into secure contexts. Each logical system has its own discrete administrative domain, logical interfaces, routing instances, security firewall and other security features.


You must create a LSYS profile on the device before creating a logical system. To create a LSYS profile on a device from Junos Space Platform, deploy the configuration to create a LSYS profile by using Junos Space Platform features such as device templates or CLI Configlets. To create a LSYS profile by using the Quick Templates feature, see Creating a Quick Template and Deploying a Quick Template.

For detailed information about using logical systems on Juniper Networks security devices, see Junos OS Logical Systems Configuration Guide for Security Devices.

To create a new logical system on a physical device:

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Devices > Device Management.

    The Device Management page appears.

  2. Select a device for which you want to create a logical system and then select Device Operations > Create LSYS from the Actions menu.

    The New Logical System pop-up window is displayed.

  3. In the LSYS device name field, enter a user-defined name for the new logical system.
  4. From the LSYS profile drop-down list, choose a logical system security profile for the new logical system.Note

    If you have not created a LSYS profile on the device, the drop-down list will not display any LSYS profiles.

  5. Click Finish to create the new logical system.