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Viewing Exposure for a Device


The Service Now Devices page displays an alert (!) icon before the Organization column of devices for which advisories (also known as Install Advisor or exposure) are issued for installing AI-Scripts.

The Install Advisor is an advisory created by Juniper Support Systems (JSS) to advice you of any issues with AI-Scripts on the Junos OS versions running on devices managed by Service Now. The advisory includes a number and link to the problem report (PR) that describes the issue, a message, product model, and information about the Junos OS and AI-Scripts version that have the issue.

Service Now retrieves advisories from JSS once every 24 hours and scans all the devices managed by it to check if the devices match the parameters (product model, Junos OS version, and AI-Scripts version) mentioned in the advisory. If there is a device matching the parameters specified in the advisory, Service Now displays an alert icon for that device on the Service Now Devices page. Clicking the alert icon displays a warning message indicating the device has known issues.

The alert icon is also displayed for a device when a version of AI-Scripts that has an advisory issued is selected for installing on the device.


This feature is not available if Service Now is in offline mode.

To view advisory or exposure for a device:

  1. On the Service Now navigation tree, select Administration > Service Now Devices.

    The Service Now Devices page appears.

  2. Select the device that is susceptible (with the (!) icon) and click View Exposure from the Actions list or the right-click menu.

    The View Exposure page appears and displays the device name, product, version, PR, and PR synopsis.

  3. Click the link in the PR column to view the issue and take suitable actions.

    Clicking the link opens the Problem Report Search tool and displays the details of the PR.

  4. Click Return to Device View to go back to the Service Now Devices page.

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