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Changing a Managed Device to an Unmanaged Device


The Service Gateways—Managed Service Gateways page lists all of the devices that are currently being controlled and provisioned by the Edge Services Director application. You can remove the management of such devices from Edge Services Director. For example, in a certain deployment, you might require certain device characteristics to be separately configured without a bulk application of settings. In such a case, you can mark the device as unmanaged, perform the configurations manually using the device CLI interface, and later decide to add it to the managed devices.

To convert a managed device to an unmanaged device:

  1. From the View selector, select Gateway View. The workspaces that are applicable to this view are displayed.
  2. From the Junos Space user interface, click the Build icon on the Edge Services Director banner.

    The functionalities that you can configure in this mode are displayed in the task pane.
  3. From the View pane, select the All Network item in Gateway view.
  4. Click the Manage Service Gateways button.

    The list of managed SDGs appears. If the SDGs are configured in a high availability pair, an attempt to unmanage such SDGs causes both the master and standby devices in the redundancy group to become unmanaged.


    After you bring a device under the control and provisioning of Edge Services Director, you might require to define services, policy filters, and modify certain configuration settings of the managed devices before you want to start the collection of performance management (PM) statistics and counters. You can right-click a device or the high availability pair of SDGs, and select Start PM Collection. An information message is displayed to indicate whether a successful start of the retrieval of monitoring details has occurred. Else, an error message denotes a failure in the attempt to start collection of monitoring information. By default, retrieval and computation of statistics is enabled. You can terminate the collection of PM statistics at any time by right-clicking a device or pair of devices, and selecting Stop PM Collection. The option to start and stop collection of monitoring statistics is a toggle button. Alternatively, to change a managed device to be unmanaged and remove it from the administration and monitoring of Edge Services Director, you can also right-click a device or a high availability pair of SDGs in the list of devices that are displayed in the Managed Service Gateways page, and select Stop Managing.

  5. Select the check box next to the managed SDG or SDG pair that you want to remove from Edge Services Director administration.
  6. Click the Unmanage Service Gateway icon.

    The device becomes an unmanaged device and is removed from the managed devices listing. The device is added to the list of unmanaged devices.