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Changing an Unmanaged Device to a Managed Device


The Service Gateways—Unmanaged Devices page lists all of the devices that are currently not being controlled and provisioned by the Edge Services Director application. You can enable management of such devices from Edge Services Director.

To convert an unmanaged device to a managed device:

  1. From the View selector, select Gateway View. The workspaces that are applicable to this view are displayed.
  2. From the Junos Space user interface, click the Build icon on the Edge Services Director banner.

    The functionalities that you can configure in this mode are displayed in the task pane.
  3. From the View pane, select the All Network item in Gateway view.
  4. Select Services Gateways from the task pane.

    The Service Gateways page is displayed.

  5. Select the Unmanaged Gateway option.

    The list of unmanaged SDGs appears.

  6. Select the check box next to the unmanaged SDG that you want to bring under Edge Services Director administration.
  7. Click the Manage Service Gateways icon.

    The Manage Service Gateway dialog box is displayed, with the SDG name and description of the SDG displayed in the respective fields.

  8. From the Service Gateway Group list, select the SDG group with which you want to associate the SDG to be managed. Alternatively, click the green plus sign (+) beside the list to create a new SDG group. For more information, see Creating Service Gateway Groups .
  9. From the KPI list, select the KPI template to be associated with the selected SDG. Alternatively, click the green plus sign (+) beside the list to create a new KPI template by modeling it on an existing, system-defined KPI template. For more information, see Cloning a KPI Template.
  10. Click the Apply button to save the settings.

    An informational message is displayed stating that the settings are successfully applied to the selected device.

  11. Click the Manage button to classify the device as a managed device.

    The Manage Status dialog box is displayed with the name of the SDG device and the status.

    The device becomes a managed devices and is removed from the unmanaged devices listing. The device is added to the list of managed devices.

  12. Select the Auto Refresh check box at the bottom of the Service Gateways -- Unmanaged devices page to indicate that the page needs to be refreshed automatically. The default value is three seconds. When you deselect this check box, the page is not refreshed periodically by itself; instead you can click the Refresh icon to update the page contents for viewing. Also, when you deselect the auto-refresh functionality, a message is displayed to denote that auto-refresh is turned off and of the number of updates that have not been viewed since the last refresh operation. The date and time at which the page was last updated is shown.