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Managing KPI Templates


The KPI Templates page displays the definitions you created to configure KPIs for the different services in your service delivery gateway (SDG) devices. The templates are sorted by name.

The KPI Templates page provides the metrics that are used in evaluating the health and operating efficiency of an SDG. A preconfigured, system-supplied KPI template is available and it is not editable. You can create a copy of the predefined, system template and edit it for your needs. During a discovery of an SDG, all the KPI templates in the system are displayed and you can associate the appropriate KPI template with the SDG. During KPI template association, a copy of the selected KPI template is associated with the SDG. This behavior indicates that the base KPI template has no link to the KPI details on the SDG after association. As a result, any changes performed to the base template are not propagated to the SDG. Instead, you must modify the KPI template for each SDG. The KPI Templates page enables you to edit the KPI details of a selected SDG.

You can perform the following tasks from this page under Build mode:

  • View KPI templates

  • Clone a KPI template

  • Delete a KPI template

  • Modify a KPI Template