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Managing Service and Policy Locks


All the locked policies can be viewed in a single page. You can display the list of SFW, CGNAT, or packet filter templates that are locked by filtering them separately. Such a page shows all the locks of users only if you have the unlock task assigned; otherwise, you see only your locks.

To view the locked services and policies:

  1. From the View selector, select Gateway View. The devices that are organized in the entire network based on the SDG pairs and the devices in each SDG group or pair are displayed.
  2. Click the Deploy icon on the Edge Services Director banner.

    The functionalities that you can configure in this mode are displayed in the task pane.
  3. Select the All Network item in the task pane. The tree can be expanded to view all the configured SDG groups and SDGs in a high-availability or redundancy group.
  4. Select Service Edit from the task pane. The Services page is displayed for ADC and TLB services and the Rules page is displayed for CGNAT, SFW, and packet filter policies.
  5. Click the right arrow next to Service Edit to expand the tree in the task pane and view the list of filter templates.
  6. From the task pane, do one of the following:
    • Select ADC to open the ADC Services page on the right pane.

    • Select TLB to open theTLB Services page on the right pane.

    • Select CGNAT to open the CGNAT and Filter page on the right pane.

    • Select Packet Filter to open the Packet Filter page on the right pane.

    • Select SFW Policy and Filters to open the SFW Policy and Filter page on the right pane.

  7. In the Services or Rules page, from the tree that lists the SDGs, select All Service Gateways, or the SDG or SDG pair for which you want to lock the filter templates.
  8. Select the check box next to the service or rule.
  9. Click the Lock icon. You can select policies that are locked by you and unlock them. To unlock your policies, you do not need any administrator privileges. To unlock policies locked by other users, you must have the task LOCK assigned to you.