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Deleting Discovery Profiles


The Discovery Profiles page displays the discovery jobs that you have previously created. You can delete a discovery profile if you do not need it for discovering devices.

To delete a configured discovery profile:

  1. From the View selector, select Gateway View. The workspaces that are applicable to this view are displayed.
  2. From the Junos Space user interface, click the Build icon on the Edge Services Director banner.

    The functionalities that you can configure in this mode are displayed in the task pane.
  3. Select Services Gateways from the task pane in Gateway view. Alternatively, select Device Discovery from the task pane in Device view.

    The Service Gateways page is displayed.

  4. Select the Discover Gateway option in Gateway view. Else, select the Discover Devices option in Device view.

    The list of discovery profiles is displayed.

  5. Select the check box next to the discovery profile that you want to delete.
  6. Click the red minus (-) icon above the table of listed templates. You are prompted to confirm the deletion.
  7. Click OK to confirm the deletion. The corresponding profile is removed.