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Viewing the Detailed Status of KPI Templates Applied to Devices


In a network environment, it is essential and important for a network administrator or a supervisor to quickly, easily assess the device performance and operating efficiency to be able to take corrective action and restoration measures for any device alarms, overloaded conditions, or traffic drops observed.

From the Dashboard page, you can view the KPI templates applied to the SDG devices in an in-depth, granular way before you navigate to the KPI Templates page or the Service Designer page to modify the metrics of KPI settings or service settings respectively. You can view ingrained, extensive information about the KPI settings for SDGs displayed in tile view, group view, or band view.

To view detailed status inxformation of the KPI templates associated with a particular SDG device:

  1. From the Dashboard page, right-click an SDG device and select Status Details. The Service Gateway KPI Status Details window appears.

    The name of the SDG device is displayed at the top of the page. The same color-coding format that is used to display the SDG in the Dashboard page is used in this window. For example, if the SDG is shown in the tile view or band view in red, the host name is shown in red in the KPI Status Details window.

  2. Click the right arrow next to each of the KPI sections or components that are displayed. Only the KPI components applied to the specified SDG are displayed. When you expand each of the KPI components, the attributes or parameters that apply for the KPI are shown. A colored box is displayed for each of the KPI attributes to signify the health and efficiency of the device for the corresponding KPI setting. For example, for ADC, CPU Status, Service Pic Status, VIP Status, and Real Servers might be displayed.
  3. Click Close after you complete viewing the settings and to return to the Dashboard page.

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