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SDG Service Inventory Report


The SDG Service Inventory report is a standardized report generated in Edge Services Director to show the services configured in the database. This report provides basic information about the configured services, such as adaptive delivery controller (ADC), stateful firewall (SFW), server load balancing (SLB), and carrier grade NAT (CGNAT).

This report can be generated only for the managed service delivery gateways (SDGs) level in the All Network tree of the View pane in Gateway mode. There are two portions of the report: a report header and the report body.

This topic describes:

SDG Service Inventory Report Header

The contents of the report header are found in Table 1.

Table 1: SDG Service Inventory Report Header



Edge Services Director Report:

The type of report; In this case, the SDG Service Inventory report.

Generated On:

The date and time the report ran. The date format is: [Day of the Month] [Month] [Year]. The time format follows the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). For example: 07 December 2012 11:35 PM PST.

Generated By:

The username of the user that generated the report.

Report Name

The name of the report assigned by the user when the report was created.


The report is generated from this view and node in the network.

  • Perspective—Can be Gateway view of the network.

  • Node—Represents the selected object upon which the report is based, such as All Network, SDG, or SDG group.

Note: If you select a device that is down, the report might not contain any data.

Report Filters

The period of time specified for data collection.

SDG Service Inventory Table and Charts

The body of the SDG Service Inventory report displays a pie chart of the different types of services configured for the selected scope, such as the entire network, a service delivery gateway (SDG), or a high availability pair of SDGs. The pie charts are displayed for the different service types, such as ADC, TLB, CGNAT, and stateful firewall services. A color-code is used to denote different portions of the pie chart for the different types of services. Mouse over each portion of the pie to view the number corresponding to the percentage of each service instance. The following segments are displayed in the pie chart as a percentage of the total number of service instances:

  • ADC—Percentage of configured adaptive delivery controller (ADC) services

  • TLB—Percentage of configured traffic load balancer (TLB) services

  • SFW—Percentage of configured stateful firewall services

  • CGNAT—Percentage of configured carrier-grade NAT services

Table 2 describes the fields in the table of the SDG Service Inventory report.

Table 2: SDG Service Inventory Report Fields



Service Name

Name of the configured service, such as stateful firewall or CGNAT. Click the plus sign (+) beside each service to view extensive information on attributes configured for the service.

Service Delivery Gateway

Name of the service delivery gateway.


Hostname of the device.

Service Type

Type of the service, such as ADC, SFW, CGNAT, or TLB.

Service Pic and Interface

Services PIC and interface details, such as multiservices PIC or adaptive services PIC with the FPC slot, PIC, and port attributes.

SDG Group

Name of the group to which the SDG is assigned.