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Overview of Applying Services to Subscribers


Subscriber-aware services are enabled for the subscribers belonging to a specific TDF domain by creating a subscriber-aware service set. This service set is applied to the TDF domain’s TDF interface (mif). These services are carried out on the service PIC that is identified by the service interface in the service set.

Subscriber-aware services are applied to a subscriber’s traffic based on policy and control (PCC) rules. The PCC rules are either under local control, under PCRF dynamic control, or under activation and deactivation control by a RADIUS server, depending on the PCEF profile for the TDF domain.

You may also apply network address translation (NAT) services independently of the PCC rules by specifying NAT rules in the service set.

Figure 1 shows the relationships among subscriber-aware service sets and other configured objects.

Figure 1: Subscriber-Aware Service Set Relationships
Subscriber-Aware Service Set Relationships