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Licenses Overview for Services Control Gateway


You must install chassis-based activation license to enable the Services Control Gateway configurations and features on each MX Series router. After the MX Series router is activated for the Services Control Gateway functions, you also install a separate subscriber scale license, which enables Services Control Gateway features for a specified number of concurrent sessions (bearers). The concurrent sessions reflect the sum of active sessions across all gateways configured on one or more MX Series routers. You can also install feature packs to provide other types of capacity scaling.

To enable the licenses, software features, subscriber scaling licenses, and feature packs for the Services Control Gateway, you need to purchase, install, manage, and verify license keys.

This topic covers:

Chassis Activation License

To enable the mobile software features on a Services Control Gateway, you can install a chassis activation license. A chassis activation license is a perpetual license that activates the chassis for a single MX Series router. A chassis activation license specifies that counting (for scaling capacity licenses) applies at the chassis level. A chassis activation license never expires.

Before you can configure Services Control Gateway features, you must first install the chassis activation license. When installed, the chassis activation license allows you to install and upgrade the Junos OS software.

You use the CLI to install a chassis activation license on an MX Series router.

Subscriber Scaling Licenses

A subscriber scaling license is a perpetual license that provides scaling for concurrent sessions on the Services Control Gateway. The subscriber scaling license is a per-subscriber license where a subscriber is a single subscriber attachment or session on a gateway. The concurrent active sessions reflect the sum of active sessions across all gateways.

A subscriber scaling license is a release-based license, which provides entitlement for software upgrades, support services, and maintenance, to a specified number of licensed subscribers for a given major software version. For example, a subscriber scaling license purchased for Junos OS 12.x releases supports installation, upgrades, and maintenance for Junos OS software releases up to and including Release 12.3. However, to install or upgrade to Junos OS Release 13.1 software would require purchase of a subscriber scaling license for Junos OS 13.x releases.

When you install a chassis activation license, you use the CLI to install the subscriber scaling license on the MX Series router.