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Junos Address Aware Network Addressing Overview


In early 2011, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) allocated the last large block of IPv4 addresses. Now service providers and large enterprises, as well as cloud providers, e-tailers, and federal agencies, are evaluating technologies to help them avoid IPv4 address exhaustion and ensure uninterrupted subscriber and service growth.

Junos Address Aware Network Addressing is Juniper Networks’ portfolio of IPv4 exhaustion avoidance, IPv4-IPv6 coexistence, and IPv6 transition technologies that include IPv6, v4/v6 dual stack, NAT44, NAT44(4), NAPT44, NAPT444, NAT-PT, NAT64, 6-to4-PMT, 6rd, and DS-Lite. These technologies help network operators improve subscriber and service scale, mitigate IPv4 address depletion, and pragmatically transition to IPv6 based on business requirements.

Junos Address Aware Network Addressing technologies are available on the following platforms:

  • MultiServices Dense Port Concentrator (MS-DPC)

  • MS-100, MS-400, and MS-500 MultiServices PICS

  • MultiServices Modular Port Concentrator (MS-MPC) and MultiServices Modular Interface Card (MS-MIC)

  • Modular Port Concentrator Types 1, 2, and 3 (inline NAT).

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