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Understanding Deploy Mode in Location and Device Views of Edge Services Director


The Deploy mode enables you to deploy configuration changes and software upgrades to devices and perform several device management and configuration file management tasks.

This topic describes:

Managing Software Images

Edge Services Director can manage software images on the nodes it manages. You can do the following software image management tasks:

  • Deploy a software image stored in an image repository on the Edge Services Director server to multiple devices with a single job.

  • Track the status of software image management jobs.

  • Stage and install software images as separate tasks.

  • Schedule staging and installation to happen at independent future times.

  • Perform several software image upgrade options, such as rebooting devices automatically after the upgrade finishes.


Using nonstop software upgrade (NSSU) to upgrade MX Series routers is supported in Edge Services Director.

Managing Devices

In Deploy mode you can perform several device management tasks, including:

  • View the device inventory.

  • Show a device’s current configuration.

  • Resynchronize the device configuration maintained in Build mode with the configuration on the device.

Managing Device Configuration Files

You can back up device configuration files to the Edge Services Director server. You can perform several actions on backed up configuration files, such as restoring configuration files to devices, and viewing and comparing configuration files.