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Edge Services Director Installation Overview


Junos Space Edge Services Director enables unified management of services on Juniper Networks MX240, MX480, and MX960 3D Universal Edge routers. Service providers are increasingly using IP Layer 3 through Layer 7 services to differentiate themselves from third-party, external providers and provide a better user experience. These IP services manage traffic flow per application type, enhance security, improve video quality and offer other enhanced IP applications. The service delivery gateway (SDG) (running on the MX Series router) consolidates a variety of network services onto a single platform to reduce cost and increase network resiliency.

Services interfaces, such as adaptive services interfaces and multiservices interfaces, provide specific capabilities for manipulating traffic before it is delivered to its destination. Edge Services Director is a cohesive and robust GUI application that you can use on a server that is running the Junos Space Network Management Platform software.

You can use the Edge Services Director application to add SDGs, which are MX Series routers, discover SDGs into the Edge Services Director database, and manage the SDG settings. Currently, for the Edge Services Director Release 1.0, which is the first implementation of this application, stateful firewall, carrier-grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT), and load balancing services are supported. You can configure and deploy these services to a large number of SDGs for easy and effective administration. Using the Edge Services Director application, you can also configure policies and filters for these services to classify and forward traffic traversing the SDGs.

This Quick Start Guide describes how you can quickly set up a Junos Space Appliance in a single-node configuration, install Edge Services Director (which also installs the Edge Services Director API), and bring your devices under Edge Services Director management.

You can install Edge Services Director in one of the following hardware configurations:

  • A Juniper Networks JA2500 Junos Space Hardware Appliance—The JA2500 appliance is a dedicated hardware device that provides the computing power and specific requirements to run Edge Services Director as an application. The

    The JA2500 appliance has a 2-U, rack-mountable chassis with dimensions 17.81 in. x 17.31 in. x 3.5 in. (45.2 cm x 44 cm x 8.89 cm). The JA2500 appliance ships with a single AC power supply module; an additional power supply module can be installed in the power supply slot in the rear panel of the appliance. The JA2500 appliance can also be powered on by using one or two DC power supply modules. The appliance has six 1-TB hard drives arranged in a RAID 10 configuration. Two externally accessible cooling fans provide the required airflow and cooling for the appliance.

    For details about the JA2500 appliance and instructions for installation, see Installing Juniper Networks Junos Space JA2500 Appliance.

  • Junos Space Virtual Appliance—The Junos Space Virtual Appliance consists of preconfigured Junos Space Network Management Platform software with a built-in operating system and application stack that is easy to deploy, manage, and maintain. A Junos Space Virtual Appliance includes the same software and provides all the functionality available in a Junos Space physical appliance. However, you must deploy the virtual appliance on the VMware ESX or ESXi server, which provides a CPU, hard disk, RAM, and a network controller, but requires installation of an operating system and applications to become fully functional.

    For information about installing Junos Space appliances in a fabric configuration and installing Junos Space Virtual Appliance on a VMware ESX or ESXi server, see Junos Space Virtual Appliance.

Follow all safety warnings and precautions as specified in General Safety Guidelines and Warnings.

The following sections describe the basic steps to install and configure Edge Services Director on a Junos Space JA2500 Appliance: