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Managing Roles


A role is a description of tasks a user can perform in Junos Space Network Management Platform to allow access to application workspaces. The Role Based Access Control > Roles inventory page allows Super Administrator or User Administrator to view all predefined and user-defined roles that exist for Junos Space applications. The administrator should understand all predefined roles and create any user-defined roles before creating users.

Viewing User Role Details

The Roles inventory page displays all predefined and user-defined roles in a tabular view.

Each role is represented by a row in the table. Roles are listed in the table in ascending alphabetical order by role title, type (that is, whether the role is a predefined role or a custom role), description, and tasks assigned. You can show or hide table columns and sort records in ascending or descending order.

You can search for roles by typing the first letters of the role title in the search box. Role title starting with the first letters you type are listed.

To view a user role detail summary:

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Role Based Access Control > Roles.

    The Roles page appears.

  2. Double-click a role.

    The Role Detail Summary page appears.

    The page displays the workspace and workspace tasks.

  3. Click the expander button + adjacent to the workspaces to view subtasks.
  4. Click OK on the Role Detail Summary page to exit this page.

    You are returned to the Roles page.

Performing Manage Roles Commands

You can perform a task on predefined and user-defined roles by selecting the task from the Actions menu or the shortcut menu that is displayed when you right-click a role, or by clicking the icons at the top of the Roles page. You can perform the Modify Role and Delete Roles commands only on read-writeable user-defined roles. You cannot manipulate read-only predefined roles. To perform a command, you must first select the role.

You can perform one or more of the following actions on the roles from the Roles page:

  • View Role Details—View details about the selected role.

  • Modify Role—Modify the selected user-defined description, application workspaces, and tasks associated with the workspaces. You cannot modify predefined roles. For more information, see Modifying User-Defined Roles.

  • Delete Roles—Delete the selected user-defined role. You cannot delete predefined roles. For more information, see Deleting User-Defined Roles.

  • Clone Roles—Clone the selected user-defined or predefined role. For more information, see Cloning Predefined and User-Defined Roles.

  • Tag It—Tag one or more selected inventory objects, see, see Tagging an Object.

  • View Tags—View a list of tags that exist on a selected inventory object. For more information, see Viewing Tags for a Managed Object.

  • Untag It—Untag a tag that is applied to an inventory object. For more information, see Untagging Objects.

  • Delete Private Tags—Delete tags that you created.

  • Clear All Selections—Clear any role selections you made on the Roles inventory page.

  • Display Quick View—Displays or hides a small window summarizing data about the selected object.