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Viewing Licenses With Connectivity Services Director


Juniper Networks devices require a license to operate some features. You can view the licenses for devices connected to Connectivity Services Director.

To view the license for a Juniper Networks device on your network:

  1. Select the Build icon in the Connectivity Services Director banner.
  2. In the View pane, select a device.
  3. In the Tasks pane, select View License Information.

    The Licenses page for that object is displayed with the fields listed in Table 1.

    Table 1: Viewing Licenses with Connectivity Services Director



    Feature Name

    Name of the licensed SKU or feature. It can be used to look up the license with Juniper Networks. Not all devices support this.

    License Count

    Number of times an item has been licensed. This value can have contributions from more than one licensed SKU or feature. Alternatively, it can be 1, no matter how many times it has been licensed.

    Used Count

    Number of times the feature is used. For some types of licenses, the license count will be 1, no matter how many times it is used. For capacity-based licensable items, if infringement is supported, the license count can exceed the given count, which has a corresponding effect on the need count.

    Need Count

    Number of times the feature is used without a license. Not all devices can provide this information.

    Given Count

    Number of instances of the feature that are provided by default.


    If a device does not have a license, a blank page is displayed with the message, No license is installed on this device. If you are sure the device has a license, try resynchronizing the device before displaying the license again.


If you apply a new license to an existing device, you must resynchronize the device before the new license is seen in Connectivity Services Director. For directions, see Resynchronizing Device Configuration.