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Clearing Interface Statistics


By resetting interface statistics, you ensure that previous input and output errors and packet statistics do not interfere with the current efforts to diagnose a problem. After a graceful Routing Engine switchover, we recommend that you use the functionality to clear interface statistics to reset the cumulative values for local statistics on the new primary Routing Engine. Sometimes, you might require a baseline for interface statistics to be set for computation and reporting purposes. In such cases, before you set the baseline, you might need to clear or restart the accumulated statistics. The system implements the baseline by reading and storing the statistics at the time the baseline is set and then subtracting this baseline whenever baseline-relative statistics are retrieved

To clear interface statistics:

  1. From the View selector, select Service View.

    The functionalities that you can configure in this view are displayed on the View pane on the View pane.

  2. Click the Monitor mode icon in the Service View on the Connectivity Services Director banner.

    The workspaces that are applicable to this mode are displayed on the Tasks pane.

  3. From the Service View pane, select the type of service for which you want to clear interface statistics.

    The statistics for the service type are displayed on the middle pane of the main display area.

  4. From the Tasks pane, which is displayed on the right, select Tasks > Clear Interface Statistics.

    The Clear Interface Statistics option is displayed on the Tasks pane for E-Line, E-LAN, and IP services to delete all the interface statistics associated with the selected service.

    A dialog box appears, prompting you to confirm the deletion. The names of the devices and respective interfaces configured on the devices are shown. In this dialog box, you can also choose to delete the interface statistics on the devices.


    You can clear interface statistics on managed endpoints only. For an E-Line service with unmanaged endpoints, only managed endpoints are shown in the endpoints table and corresponding statistics. To clear the statistics of unmanaged endpoints, you must clear the statistics using the Junos CLI on the corresponding devices.

  5. Select the Clear statistics from Devices check box to clear the statistics from the devices. This operation is equivalent to the clear interface statistics command that you can run from the Junos OS CLI. If you select the Clear statistics from Devices check box, the statistics are cleared on the device for all the interfaces in the service, in addition to being removed from the Connectivity Services director database. If you do not select this check box, the interface statistics are reset only in the application database and not on the device.
  6. Click OK to confirm; alternatively, click Cancel to discard this operation.

    The interface statistics are cleared.