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Modifying an RSVP LSP Service


You can modify the name of a RSVP LSP service. After modifying a service, the configuration audit and functional audit information is cleared and the functional audit status is set to pending.

To modify the attributes of a service:

  1. Select Service View from the View Selector. The workspaces that are applicable to routing and tunnel services are displayed.
  2. From the Junos Space user interface, click the Deploy icon on the Connectivity Services Director banner. The functionalities that you can configure in this mode are displayed in the task pane.
  3. From the Service View pane, which is the left pane in the window, click the plus sign (+) next to Network Services to expand the tree and display the different service types that you can configure.
  4. From the Service View pane, click the plus sign (+) sign next to Tunnels, and select RSVP LSPs.
  5. From the task pane, select Service Provisioning > Manage LSP. The Manage Network Services window is displayed in the top part of the right pane, and the Manage Service Deployment window is displayed in the bottom part of the right pane.
  6. Select an RSVP service, and click Modify. The Modify LSP service wizard appears.Note

    You can modify the primary path or the secondary path of an RSVP service only.

  7. Modify the fields.

    For example, you can enable or disable BFD for a BFD LSP service.


    You can modify only those fields, which are editable in the service order.

    The Full Mesh template implementation supports the generic attributes (at device level) that are common across LSPs.


    You cannot assign specific values to each of the LSPs, because the Full Mesh template design does not support such a modification.

    For a RSVP LSP service, you can also modify the primary and secondary path. For more information on modifying the paths, see Modifying an Explicit Path in RSVP LSP Services.

    For a full mesh RSVP service you can add or delete the devices.

  8. Click Modify.

    The software modifies the service.

  9. Use the Jobs workspace to check for successful completion of the action.