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EJB Calls for CoS Profiles


EJB Annotation are like meta-tags that you can add to the code and apply to package declarations, type declarations, constructors, methods, fields, parameters, and variables. They provide helpful ways to indicate whether the methods are dependent on other methods, whether they are incomplete, whether the classes have references to other classes, and so on. Below is a list of Junos Space SDK annotations that can be used on EJB resources.

Application developers can use the EJB-REST wizard to generate REST Web services for Java interface methods. The EJB-REST wizard uses a Java reflection API to read information from the Java interface that you can use to configure methods and fields as required for the web service. The wizard also generates JUnit test code for the REST web service with a chosen media type. You can use the EJB-REST wizard to edit an existing REST Web service or to generate a new version of the entire Web service. When modifying a generated Web service, use the wizard to see the delta of information between the source Java interface and the REST Web service

The EJB method for getting QoS profiles is as follows:

PagingResult<QosProfileMO> getAllQosProfileByDevicefamily(PagingContext ctx,List<DeviceFamilyModeEnum> devicefamilyList).

The EJB method for viewing QoS profile details is as follows:

QosProfileMO getQosProfileByMoid(String moid)