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Port Utilization Monitor


The Port Utilization Monitor displays a bar chart with information about the port traffic utilization on the node selected in the View pane. Each bar in the chart represents the port traffic utilization data gathered at a polling interval. The vertical axis shows the number of ports polled. The horizontal axis shows the time when each poll was taken. The data shown in the graph is aggregated from all the ports contained in the node selected in the View pane.

Each bar is divided into the following colored sections to indicate the distribution of port traffic utilization at the polling interval:

  • Green indicates ports that operated at less than 50% of negotiated speed.

  • Orange indicates ports that operated at between 50% and 80% of negotiated speed.

  • Red indicates ports that operated at more than 80% of negotiated speed.

You can perform the following actions on the bar chart:

  • Change the time period over which to display the data by selecting a time period from the list in the upper right corner.

  • Remove or restore a utilization category (bar color) by clicking its legend.

  • Display a numeric value by mousing over a bar.