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DWDM Controllers Overview


Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) module support is based on the Optical Transport Network (OTN) protocol that is specified in ITU-T G.709. This standard combines the benefits of SONET/SDH technology with the multiwavelength networks of DWDM. It also enables forward error correction (FEC) that can allow a reduction in network costs by reducing the number of regenerators used. To enable multiservice transport, OTN uses the concept of a wrapped overhead (OH). To understand this format, the following elements are involved:

  • Optical channel payload unit (OPU) OH information is added to the information payload to form the OPU. The OPU OH includes information to support the adaptation of client signals.

  • Optical channel data unit (ODU) OH is added to the OPU to create the ODU. The ODU OH includes information for maintenance and operational functions to support optical channels.

  • Optical channel transport unit (OTU) OH together with the FEC is added to form the OTU. The OTU OH includes information for operational functions to support the transport by way of one or more optical channel connections.

  • Optical channel (OCh) OH is added to form the OCh. The OCh provides the OTN management functionality and contains four subparts: the OPU, ODU, OTU, and frame alignment signal (FAS).