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Connectivity Services Director–NorthStar Controller Integration Overview


The Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller is a software-defined networking (SDN) controller that provides granular visibility and control of IP/MPLS tunnels in large service provider and enterprise networks. Network operators can use NorthStar Controller to optimize their network infrastructure through proactive monitoring, planning, and explicit routing of large traffic loads dynamically based on user-defined configuration.

For more information on NorthStar Controller, see the NorthStar Controller User Guide.

The integration of NorthStar and Connectivity Services Director provides a single configuration window by allowing you to create, modify, delete, and monitor RSVP LSPs and Segment Routing LSPs using REST APIs, With the integration, you can create segment routing LSPs by using NorthStar Controller, as Connectivity Services Director currently supports the creation of RSVP LSPs only.

Starting from Release 3.0 onward, you can choose NorthStar Controller to manage LSPs from the Connectivity Services Director user interface. The NorthStar tab in the Preferences page displays the attributes listed in Table 1.

Table 1: NorthStar Parameters



Enable NorthStar LSP Management

Select this check box to manage LSPs through the NorthStar Controller server.

PCEP for Provisioning

Select this check box to enable PCEP as the provisioning type for LSPs.

Provisioning Type

Select either RSVP or Segment Routing as the provisioning type.

Default: RSVP


Enter the NorthStar server IP, Username, and Password to validate your access to the NorthStar server.