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Rebooting Devices After Examining the Status in Chassis View


In certain situations, when you identify a certain discrepancy or malfunctioning of a component, such as a line card or an interface, by examining the status of the hardware module using the Chassis View, you might require the component to be rebooted. When a hard disk error occurs, a Routing Engine might enter a state in which it responds to local pings and interfaces remain up, but no other processes are responding. To recover from this situation, you can reboot a single Routing Engine when a hard disk error occurs. Similarly, you can restart the FPCs when a traffic null route condition is detected.

Use the Reboot Devices task to immediately reboot the selected device. This task is available in all scopes when in Build mode. To reboot one or more devices immediately:

  1. For the My Network scope, you can customize what monitors appear on Summary tab, giving you the ability to view at a glance those aspects of network health and performance that are most important to you.
  2. Click the Build mode icon in the Service View of the Connectivity Services Director banner. The workspaces that are applicable to this mode are displayed.
  3. Select the My Network scope in the View pane that contains the devices you want to reboot.
  4. Select Reboot Devices from the Tasks pane.
  5. Expand the tree on the page as needed to locate the available devices.
  6. Select the check box for one or more devices.
  7. Click Done to start the reboot or click Cancel to return to the Device Inventory page. The rebooting process triggers a Cold Start Alarm that can be seen in Fault mode.