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Deploying RFC 2544 Tests


After you create an RFC 2544 test, you must deploy the configuration to the test devices.

To deploy an RFC 2544 test:

  1. Go to OAM-RFC2544-Test > Manage Test Configuration.

    The Manage Test Configuration page appears displaying a list of the validated (Order Status is Validated) but un-deployed RFC 2544 tests.

  2. To deploy an RFC 2544 test, select it and click Actions > Deploy Service Order.

    The Schedule Service Order Deployment page appears providing deployment options.

    • Select Deploy Now option to deploy the RFC 2544 test to the device immediately.

    • Select Deploy Later if you want to schedule the deployment for a later date and time. Enter the deployment date and time in the Date and time field and select the time zone for the deployment.

  3. Click OK.

    If you have chosen Deploy Now, a Job Details page appears indicating that a job has been created to deploy the RFC 2544 to the device. You can click on the job ID link to view the details and status of the job in the Job Management page.