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Connectivity Services Director Overview


Service providers and enterprises must be able to rapidly provision and offer new MPLS and Carrier Ethernet services across their networks. In order to reduce operational costs and enable quick service rollouts, network operators need an intelligent provisioning application that facilitates the design, deployment, and management of services. Junos Space Connectivity Services Director facilitates lifecycle management of connectivity services such as E-Line, E-LAN, L2VPN, IP, and RSVP LSP services, QoS profile configuration, service performance validation and monitoring, and synchronization management. In addition to an intuitive graphical user interface, the application also supports a rich set of API functions to enable northbound interface integration and service orchestration with other operations support systems (OSS) platforms.

Telecommunication establishments and organizations worldwide that offer MPLS and Carrier Ethernet services face common business challenges such as controlling capital and operating expenses, accelerating time to market, and increasing customer satisfaction. At the same time, these companies also have to deal with the following technical challenges:

  • Provisioning a customer service rapidly and accurately

  • Scaling to keep up with customer demand

  • Tracking site-specific quality of service (QoS)

  • Troubleshooting and pinpointing problems in the network

  • Finding trained personnel with expertise in networking and MPLS technologies

Junos Space Connectivity Services Director allows service providers and enterprises to rapidly enable new service offerings. It facilitates an automated and streamlined approach to the service design and provisioning process, and helps reduce fallout from misconfigured customer services. Besides automating key provisioning tasks, Junos Space Connectivity Services Director also provides a complete network management solution, including automated service discovery, MPLS resource management, point-and-click service provisioning, validation, and troubleshooting for MPLS and carrier Ethernet service environments.

Junos Space Connectivity Services Director is a Junos Space application for unified management of the ACX Series routers, M Series routers, MX Series routers, PTX Series routers, and TCA Series Timing Appliances in your network.

Junos Space Connectivity Services Director essentially manages the lifecycle of Layer 2 and Layer 3 services. The application helps in resource pool management, service design and provisioning, troubleshooting and performance monitoring, and service decommissioning.

The Connectivity Services Director application helps in:

  • Automating the design of Layer 2 and IP services, activating and provisioning services, validating Layer 2 and IP services across MPLS and Carrier Ethernet networks, enabling service providers to efficiently and cost-effectively manage deployments while reducing fallout from misconfigured services.

  • Designing, provisioning, and activating RSVP-signaled label-switched paths (LSPs), as well as static LSPs, which can be configured as end-to-end, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or full-mesh LSPs.

  • Monitoring faults and performance of VPN services using standards-based protocols and technologies such as Ethernet connectivity fault management (CFM), Ethernet link-level fault detection and management, and Bidirectional Forward Detection (BFD).

  • Configuring and applying class-of-service (CoS) profiles to interfaces of devices.

  • Provisioning synchronization of interfaces such as IEEE1588- 2008 (PTP) and Synchronous Ethernet.