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Understanding the Usage and Layout of Connectivity Services Director Views and Tasks


The Connectivity Services Director user interface uses task-based workflows to help you accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. The interface has five network views and five task categories that you can access from the application banner.

The View pane provides you a unified, hierarchical view of your networks in the form of a tree that is expandable and collapsible. You can select a network view from the Views list to display the workspaces and settings that you can define for network services and tunnel services. The view pane displayed depends on the network view you choose from the Views list.

The Task Categories displayed on the banner guides you through the different phases of configuration and monitoring that you can perform with Network View.

The Tasks pane lists tasks specific to that task category. In addition to tasks changing according to the task category selected, tasks listed on the Tasks pane can change based on the view you select from the Views list. Clicking a task brings up task-specific content in the main window.

See Understanding the Connectivity Services Director User Interface for more information on the main components of the Connectivity Services Director GUI.