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Selecting Endpoint PE Devices or Nodes


The Choose Endpoints window, which you can open by clicking Add above the Nodes table on the Node Parameters page of the Create L3VPN Service Order wizard, shows only assigned NPE devices that have an AS number configured. If you do not see the device you are looking for, use the CLI on the device to check for and assign an AS number.

N-PE devices that are L2VPN-only will not appear.

To select endpoint N-PE devices:

  1. In the Node Parameters page, click Add in the Service Nodes table. From the Choose Endpoints dialog box that appears, select the devices that you want to participate in the service. Use the multiple selection feature to select one or more devices.Note

    In the Choose Endpoints dialog box, you can sort and segregate the devices and their corresponding interfaces based on the roles of the devices to easily and quickly view only the devices of interest. Click the down arrow on the Filter Role menu, and select P2E to view only the provider edge devices, P to view only the provider devices, and L2E to view only Layer 2 Ethernet devices.

  2. Based on the devices you select in the top half of the dialog box, the interfaces that are present in the selected device are displayed in the lower half of the dialog box. Select the check boxes next to the interfaces that you want to associate with the service.
  3. Click OK.

    The Node Parameters window appears.

  4. Continue with modifying or entering the node parameters.