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Viewing Service Recovery Jobs


You can perform a service recovery operation on a service instance that you have previously configured in the Service Recovery page, instead of running the recovery job during the process of creation of the recovery request. In certain situations, you might require a set of service instances to be defined separately, before you want to run the recovery task on all such services. In such cases, you can perform the recovery, independent of the recovery job creation, at a future time.

The Service Recovery Jobs page shows the progress and status of the service recovery job. Although you can view details about the status of all the jobs initiated in the Connectivity Services Director application from the Jobs page accessible as a System task, you can use the Service Recovery Jobs page in Build mode of Service view to obtain a filtered display of only the service recovery jobs for easy analysis and debugging.

To the service recovery jobs:

  1. From the View selector, select Service View.

    The workspaces that are applicable to routing and tunnel services are displayed.

  2. Click the Build icon in Service View of the Connectivity Services Director banner.

    The functionalities that you can configure in Build mode are displayed on the Tasks pane.

  3. In the View pane, select the Network Services > Connectivity node without expanding the tree and selecting a type of service.

    The tasks that are applicable for the different connectivity services are displayed on the Tasks pane.

  4. In the Network Services > Connectivity task pane, select Service Recovery > View Service Recovery Jobs.

    The Service Recovery Jobs window appears.

  5. To view the details of a job, select a row and click Show Details or double-click a row.
  6. To cancel a scheduled job, select a job that is scheduled for a later time or a job that is in progress and click Cancel.

The fields in the Prestaging Device Jobs page are described in Table 1. To view any hidden column, keep the mouse on any column heading and select the down arrow and then click Columns. Select the check box to display the hidden columns.


Details of jobs initiated from Connectivity Services Director will be available only from Connectivity Services Director. These jobs will not be listed in the Jobs pane in Junos Space platform and vice-versa.

Table 1: Service Recovery Jobs Page Fields



Job ID

The unique ID assigned to the job


The name of the job


The percentage of completion of the job


The status of the job:

  • Success—Job completed successfully

  • Failure—Job failed and was terminated

  • Job Scheduled—Job is scheduled but has not yet started

  • In progress—Job is has started, but not completed

  • Cancelled—Job is cancelled

Job Type

The type of the job


Summary of the job scheduled and executed with status

Scheduled Start Time

The time when the job is scheduled to start

Actual Start Time

The actual time when the job started

End Time

The time when the job was completed


The login ID of the user that initiated the task


The recurrent time when the job will be restarted.