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Connectivity Services Overview


Connectivity services include Layer 2 VPN and Layer 3 VPN services, quality-of-service (QoS) profile services, timing synchronization services, tunneling and label-switched path (LSP) services, and connectivity fault management (CFM) services.

With connectivity services, you can perform the following tasks in your deployment:

  • Design, provision, and monitor Label Discovery Protocol (LDP) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) services, and VPN services, for the management of Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols, on devices.

  • Configure the Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) functionality on all devices and monitor, detect, isolate, and troubleshoot networking faults. The supported OAM features include link fault management (LFM), CFM, and real-time performance monitoring (RPM).

  • Configure Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and synchronous Ethernet services, which are timing functionalities for devices.

  • Design, provision, and deploy MPLS-dynamic, RSVP-signaled LSP, and static LSP services on devices.

  • Configure QoS or class-of-service (CoS) capabilities for services on devices.

To enable you to design and provision connectivity services in your network, you can use Connectivity Services Director, which is a robust and highly-intuitive next-generation application that runs on the Junos Space Network Management Platform. This application also enables validation and monitoring of service performance, and management of timing and clock synchronization.