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Resolved Issues

This section lists the resolved issues in Connectivity Services Director Release 3.0R1. For the most complete and latest information about resolved Junos Space Connectivity Services Director defects, use the Juniper Networks online Problem Report Search application.

  • Fault status of an E-LAN BGP or E-LAN LDP service is not displayed correctly on the user Interface. [PR 1344103]

  • While creating an IP service, when you select more than one interface from the same device, the interfaces appear in the same row, separated by commas. [PR 1345660]

  • When you use an Interface Definition (IFD) template with a tag-based role to push configuration on a VLAN-based service and then later delete the VLAN-based service to create a service by using the same IFD template with role changed to port-based, service creation fails. [PR 1346264]

  • Unable to validate or deploy an E-LAN service order when you create the service order by using VPLS as the instance type and protocol in the service definition, and configure CFM Profile in the service order. [PR 1337503]

  • Unable to delete an IP service that has at least one node configured with an Integrated Routing and Bridging Interface. [PR 1347272]

  • On the Manage Resource page of a service, no records are displayed for VLAN Pool with NNI interfaces. [PR 1340176]

  • Validation is not provided for the Preference Metric-Value in the Template Settings page of the service provisioning wizard. [PR 1341934]

  • The RSVP-TE-MVPN1 option is not visible in the Provider Tunnel Name drop-down menu, when you configure MVPN Settings on the Node Settings page of an IP service order. [PR 1342876]

  • The node that you selected as the stitching point on the Node Settings page of the Create IP Service Order wizard is incorrectly displayed on the Site Settings page. [PR 1343691]

  • Unable to modify the default MTU range and default MTU value while creating an E-LAN service definition with instance type and protocol configured as virtual-switch and vpls, respectively. [PR 1348113]

  • An authentication error occurs when you login to a device using the SSH to Device option, even after using the correct login credentials. [PR 1348738]

  • The Rate Limit configuration for an end point in an E-LAN service definition is not visible on validating the E-LAN service order. [PR 1358712]

  • The Manage Resources page for an E-Line service, displays the number of allocated resources for a VLAN pool incorrectly. [PR 1340169]

  • The View Physical Inventory page does not display the PICs and FPCs of MX104 routers. [PR 1339537]

  • While upgrading Junos Space Platform 17.1R1 build 7 and CSD 2.1R1 build 8 to , JSON/XML conversion results in 500 error:

    The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request. [PR 1342359]

  • Unable to delete the static route of a service after the service is deployed. [PR 1358428]

  • An internal error occurs when provisioning an E-Line or E-LAN service manually by using Connectivity Services Director 2.1R1.8, which runs on Junos Space Platform 17.1R1.7. [PR 1363187]

  • Connectivity Services Director is storing public as the SNMP community string instead of a configured custom community string. [PR 1347382]

  • The vlan start and vlan end values configured on the Site Settings page of the Create E-LAN service order wizard are not displayed on the Review page of the wizard when you select transport vlan range as the traffic type in the service definition. [PR 1352707]

  • The Fault status in the Manage Network Services page is unavailable for an E-LAN service with Transport VLAN List as the traffic type. [PR 1350669]

  • The Fault Status is unavailable on the GUI for an E-LAN service with EVPN or EVPN E-Tree as the protocol type, when an interface goes down. [PR 1355928]

  • When an EVPN service, with ESI and multihoming set to single-active or all-active, is recovered, the Service Details page does not list peer interfaces.

    Also, when the service is modified, the Node Settings and Site Settings pages of the Service do not show the mapping between interfaces of the peer nodes. [PR 1362288]

  • If you delete the peer node of a device while editing the node settings of an E-LAN service order and later revert the changes, the peer node is not displayed on the Edit E-LAN service page. [PR 1366732]

Modified: 2018-06-24