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    Managing Resources

    You can use the Manage Resource page to view existing IP address pools created for global use or for specific customers. Besides the IP address pool information, the status of various other resources such as VLAN IDs, virtual circuit IDs, route distinguisher, and route targets that are created for utilization in services is also displayed. You can also view the details of allocated or utilized resources, such as the VLAN ID allocated to the corresponding interface and the logical unit association with a particular interface on a device. For more information about creating an IPv4 IP address pool, see Creating an IP Address Pool.

    Viewing Resources

    Starting in Connectivity Services Director Release 2.2R1, you can view and manage a particular pool of resources by selecting an option from the Pool Type list. The Manage Resource page displays the list of resource pools that can be configured. You can filter the resources displayed on this page by device name, interfaces on the device, and a customer associated with the device.

    Figure 1: Manage Resource Page

    Manage Resource Page

    Viewing Detailed Resources Information

    To view and manage detailed information about resources:

    1. In the Connectivity Services Director application, select Service View from the Views list.
    2. From the Tasks pane, select Prestage Devices > Manage Resource.

      The Manage Resource page is displayed.

    3. Fill in the fields in the Manage Resource page as indicated in Table 1.

      Table 1: Resource Pool Landing Page Details



      Pool Type

      Select one of the following options from the list:

      • Global Pool—to manage pools of IPv4 addresses related to the service provider.

      • Unit Pool—to manage units for interfaces in a resource pool.

      • VLAN Pool—to manage pools of IPv4 address for a VLAN.

      • Customer IP Pool—to manage pools of IPv4 addresses applicable to a particular customer.

      Device Name

      Select a device from the list to view resource types specific to interfaces on that device.

      Note: This field is available only if you select Unit Pool or VLAN Pool from the Pool Type list.

      Interface Name

      Choose an interface of the selected device from the list.

      Note: This field is available only if you select Unit Pool or VLAN Pool from the Pool Type list.


      Click Select to view the list of customers. The Choose Customer window is displayed.

      To choose a customer, select the check box next to the customer and click OK.


      Click Filter to execute the search.


      Click Add to add a new IPv4 address pool.


      Click Delete to delete an existing IPv4 address pool.

      Pool Name

      This column displays the names of IPv4 address pools.


      This column displays the user-defined description of the resource pool.


      This column displays the number of resources allocated from the pool.

    Modified: 2018-03-27