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    Detaching a SLA-Iterator profile

    This action removes an SLA-iterator profile from the selected device. In certain network topologies, you might require an SLA-iterator profile OAM profile or service-related settings to be disabled for a certain period to perform troubleshooting or modification to the traffic-handling method, and you might want to reattach the dissociated profile later when you have completed network maintenance and analysis work. In such a case, it might be beneficial to use the detachment functionality for an SLA-iterator profile.

    To detach an SLA-iterator profile:

    1. From the View selector, select Device View.

      The workspaces that are applicable to this view are displayed.

    2. From the Junos Space user interface, click the Build icon on the Connectivity Services Director banner.

      The functionalities that you can configure in this mode are displayed in the task pane.

    3. From the View pane, click the plus sign (+) beside the My Network item in the View pane to expand the tree and select the device node you want for which you want to detach the SLA-iterator profile.

      The device type selected within the device model tree is highlighted.

    4. From the Tasks pane, select the name of the profile that you want to create. To attach or detach a SLA-iterator profile for a device, select Profiles > OAM.

      The Manage OAM Profiles page is displayed.

    5. Select the check box next to the SLA-iterator profile that you want to detach from a device.

      The device for which the SLA-iterator profile must be dissociated is selected.

    6. Click the down arrow in the Actions menu, above the table of listed profiles, and select Detach to remove the profile from an MEP or device.

      The Attach Profile dialog box is displayed.

      Note: In the Devices list, you cannot select the check box of a device, if an SLA-iterator profile is already attached to a device. The application does not attach the SLA-iterator profile to those devices again.

    7. Select the check boxes next to the devices from which the SLA-iterator profile must be dissociated, and click Detach

      The corresponding service definition is modified to remove the service elements of selected devices.

      Alternatively, click Cancel to discard the changes and return to the Manage OAM Profiles page.

    Modified: 2016-03-01