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    Highlighting of Endpoints in the Layer 3 VPN, RSVP LSP, and VPLS Service Modification Wizards

    In the Edit VPLS Service and Edit L3VPN Service wizards that you use to modify the corresponding service types, the Node Settings and Site Settings pages that display the endpoints and interfaces associated with a service are enhanced to provide an easily-identifiable color-coding format for quickly understanding the changes made to these pages of the wizards. A new row that you add to these pages is displayed in blue. An existing row that is deleted from these pages is displayed in red. An existing row that you update on these pages is shaded in gray. Similarly, the Node Parameters page of the Edit RSVP LSP Service wizard uses this color-coding format to denote added, modified, and deleted nodes.

    For the modified and deleted endpoints or nodes that are highlighted in gray and red, respectively, you can select the check boxes beside such rows and click Revert to cancel the changes and deletions made to these nodes. You can click Revert only for the modified and deleted nodes, which restores the nodes in the states in which they were present in the service before you changed or deleted them.

    Modified: 2017-07-20