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    Service Troubleshooting Overview

    Common reasons for the failure of a service are that a PE device configured for that service is down, or that device has had its service configuration changed so that it no longer matches the service configuration in the Junos Space database.

    The primary tools in Junos Space for troubleshooting service problems are:

    • Functional audit

    • Configuration audit

    • Job Management

    If the functional audit shows the service to be running, the next step is to perform a configuration audit to see whether the service configuration has been changed out of band, and is no longer consistent with the service configuration in the Junos Space database.

    You can view the results of both configuration and functional audits from the Manage Services page. You can also view the service configuration from the Manage Services page.

    In the Job Management page, use the Summary column to obtain information about failed deployments and failed audits. For deployments in general, the Summary column contains useful service information such as the VC ID and endpoint information. For some failed deployments, this column also contains information about why the deployment failed. The following is an example of a failed deployment in the Job Management page.

    Modified: 2017-07-20