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Supported Platforms

Table 1 lists the supported platforms for Connectivity Services Director Release 2.1R1 and the corresponding qualified Junos OS releases.

Table 1: Supported Platforms and the Software Versions for Connectivity Services Director Release 2.1R1

Supported Platforms

Qualified Junos OS Release

ACX Series Universal Access Routers:

  • ACX500 router
  • ACX1000 router
  • ACX1100 router
  • ACX2000 router
  • ACX2100 router
  • ACX2200 router
  • ACX4000 router
  • ACX5000 router (ACX5048 and ACX5096)

Release 12.3R1 through Release 12.3X54-D10 for ACX1000, ACX1100, ACX2000, ACX2100, ACX2200, and ACX4000 routers

Release 15.1X54-D20 for ACX5000 routers

Release 12.3X54-D20 for ACX500 routers

MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers

Release 12.2R1 through Release 15.1R1 for MX80, MX104, MX240, MX480, and MX960 routers

Release 13.3R1 through Release 15.1R1 for MX2010 and MX2020 routers

M Series Multiservice Edge Routers

Release 10.0 through Release 12.2R1.8 for M320 routers

Release 10.0 through Release 14.2R1.12 for M7i and M10i routers

PTX Series Packet Transport Routers

Release 13.2R2.2 through Release 15.1F6 for PTX3000 routers

Release 13.2R1.7 through Release 15.1F6 for PTX5000 routers

Virtual MX Series Routers (vMX)

Release 14.1R5 through Release 15.1R1

Modified: 2017-08-04