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Known Behavior

This section contains the known behavior, system maximums, and limitations in Junos Space Security Director Release 15.2R2.

  • In Junos Space Security Director Release 15.2R2, the Enable preview and import device change option is disabled by default. Hence, you cannot view and import the device change made at the CLI from the Security Director Devices page even though the state of the device is shown as Device Changed. Also, the View Device Change option does not show any CLI changes. You need to enable the option in the database using MySQL queries.

    To enable out-of-band changes in MySQL:

    1. # mysql –ujboss -pnetscreen
    2. >use sm_db;
    3. mysql> update RuntimePreferencesEntity set value='true' where name='ENABLE_PREVIEW_AND_IMPORT_DEVICE_CHANAGE';

    After you enable the settings in MYSQL, you must publish and update the device from Security Director for the changes to take effect. If any out-of-band change happens after this update, you can see the CLI changes using the View Device Change option and import them using the Import Device Change option.

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Modified: 2017-08-04