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    Configuring Basic Junos Space Settings

    The basic configuration procedure for setting up the hardware appliance to run as a single Junos Space node is summarized here. For complete configuration steps, see Configuring a Junos Space Appliance or Configuring the Basic Settings of a Junos Space Virtual Appliance.

    You need two IP addresses on the same subnet to complete the configuration. The first IP address is for the eth0 interface on the appliance; the second IP address is for accessing Junos Space by using the Web GUI.

    1. At the serial console login prompt, type the default username (admin) and press Enter.
    2. Type the default password (abc123) and press Enter.

      You are prompted to change your password.

    3. To change the default password, do the following:
      1. Type the default password and press Enter.
      2. Type a new password and press Enter.
      3. Retype the new password and press Enter.

      If the password is changed successfully, the message passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully is displayed.


      • All passwords are case-sensitive.
      • A valid password must contain at least eight characters, of which at least three are of the following four character classes: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers (0 through 9), and special characters and must not contain a single uppercase letter at the beginning or only a single number at the end.

        For example, Abcdwip9, Qc9rdiwt, and bRfjvin9 are invalid passwords, but AAbcdwip99, Qc9rdiwtQ, and bRfjvin99 are valid passwords.

      • Alternatively, instead of using a string of characters, you can choose a passphrase that contains between 16 through 40 characters, and includes at least three dictionary words separated by at least one special character. For example, big#three;fork (contains 14 characters) and circlefaceglass (no special characters) are invalid while @big#three;fork& and circle;face;glass are valid.
    4. Enter the new password to log in to the appliance.
    5. Type s to proceed with the configuration of the appliance as a Junos Space node with full Junos Space Network Management Platform functionality. Every Junos Space installation requires at least one Junos Space node.
    6. Select IPv4 or IPv6 as the option for IP addresses and specify the following details:
      1. Enter a new IP address for the interface eth0; for example,
      2. Enter a subnet mask for the interface eth0.

        Note: If you are configuring the appliance as part of a cluster (fabric), then all nodes in that fabric must be in the same subnet.

        For more information about the Junos Space fabric, see the Fabric Management chapter in the Junos Space Network Management Platform User Guide (available at

      3. Enter the IP address for the default gateway; for example:

        Note: For detailed steps on configuring network settings, see Configuring a Junos Space Appliance as a Junos Space Node.

    7. Enter the DNS name server address for the interface eth0; for example,
    8. Enter n as the response to the prompt: Configure a separate interface for device management? [y/n].
    9. Enter n as the response to the prompt: Will this Junos Space system be added to an existing cluster? [y/n].
    10. Enter the IP address for the Web server. This IP address must be in the same subnet as the IP address for the interface eth0, but a separate address; for example,
    11. Add an NTP server to synchronize the node with an external NTP source; for example, you can specify as the external NTP server.
    12. Enter the display name (logical node name) for this node; for example, tp-junosspace-01.
    13. Enter the password for the appliance when it is in maintenance mode. The maintenance mode administrator must specify this password to access maintenance mode and shut down all nodes.
    14. Reenter the password to confirm it. The system displays the settings summary.
      Settings Summary:
      > IP Change: eth0 is /
      > Default Gateway = on eth0
      > DNS add:
      > Create as first node or standalone
      > NTP add:
      > Web IP address is
      > Node display name is "tp-junosspace-01"
      > Password for Junos Space maintenance mode is set.
      A> Apply settings
      C> Change settings
      Q> Quit and set up later
      R> Redraw Menu
      Choice (ACOR):
    15. Review the summary. If the settings are correct, enter A to apply the settings. The system initializes and the initialization messages appear before the system displays the Junos Space Appliance settings menu.
      Choice [ACQR]: A
      Last login: Wed Feb  6 18:16:25 on ttyS0
      Welcome to the Junos Space network settings utility.
      Initializing, please wait
      Junos Space Settings Menu
      1> Change Password
      2> Set DNS Servers
      3> Change Time Options
      4> Retrieve Logs
      5> Security
      6> (Debug) run shell
      Q> Quit
      R> Redraw Menu
      Choice [1-6,QR]: 
    16. Type Q to quit the session. The configuration of the JA2500 Appliance is now complete.

    Modified: 2016-06-23