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    Installing Connectivity Services Director

    The software image for Connectivity Services Director Release 2.0 enables you to install the Connectivity Services Director GUI. Also, Network Activate, Transport Activate, OAM Insight, and Sync Design are installed and presented in the same look-and-feel as the Services Activation Director GUI, after you install Connectivity Services Director. The Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs for Connectivity Services Director are installed along with the GUI.

    When you install Connectivity Services Director, the single application package installs the capabilities for configuring network services, such as point-to-point, Layer 3 VPN, and VPLS; configuring MPLS and RSVP label-switched path (LSP) services; configuring Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and synchronous Ethernet services; configuring the Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM ) functionality; and configuring CoS profiles. For Connectivity Services Director Release 2.0, you can also access the Services Activation Director GUI to launch workspaces to configure functionalities that are not available in the Connectivity Services Director GUI. You need not separately install the different applications, such as Network Activate or Transport Activate, based on your deployment needs and device models to be managed, on a JA2500 Junos Space Appliance or a Junos Space Virtual Appliance that satisfies the hardware requirements.

    Before you begin:

    • Connectivity Services Director is supported on a JA2500 Junos Space Appliance or a Junos Space Virtual Appliance that meets the hardware requirements specified in the Junos Space documentation. The Junos Space Appliance that suits your requirement depends on the number of devices you plan to manage by using the network management application.
    • If Connectivity Services Director Release 1.0 or 1.1 is installed on the Junos Space Appliance, then you must uninstall it and restart the JBoss server before installing Connectivity Services Director Release 2.0.
    • You cannot install Network Director or Edge Services Director on the same system as Connectivity Services Director. Uninstall Network Director or Edge Services Director before you install Connectivity Services Director on your system.
    • Download Connectivity Services Director Release 2.0 software image to the hard disk or to an SCP server. Open a new browser page, log in to the Juniper software downloads page and download the required Connectivity Services Director version to either the hard disk or to an SCP server. The Connectivity Services Director software images are located at the Junos Space and Junos Space Connectivity Services Director Download page.
    • When you back up the database of a Junos Space Appliance by using the Junos Space Network Application Platform database backup and restore facility, all the data maintained by the Junos Space Platform and installed Junos Space applications on the appliance is backed up. If your appliance contains a Junos Space application, such as Service Now, that you do not want to use in your network after upgrading to a different version of Junos Space Platform, you must ensure that you uninstall such applications before you perform a backup. This condition occurs because all the backed up data is restored when you use the restore utility to reapply the data after an upgrade operation. As a result, if your device was previously installed with a Junos Space application that you have not reinstalled after upgrading Junos Space Platform, restoring the backed up data causes undefined behavior because the backup in such a scenario also contains data of applications that you have not reinstalled.

    To perform a fresh installation of Connectivity Services Director Release 2.0:

    1. Install Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 15.2R2.

      Note: If your device is running a Junos Space Platform Release earlier than Release 15.2R2, you must first upgrade to Release 15.2R2.

    2. Install Connectivity Services Director Release 2.0.

      Note: The JBoss server restarts automatically.

    To install Connectivity Services Director from the Administration > Applications page of Junos Space:

    1. Click the plus symbol (+) on the top left of the page.
    2. Click either Upload via HTTP or Upload via SCP and upload the image as follows:

      To upload Connectivity Services Director by using HTTP:

      1. Click Upload via HTTP to open the dialog box.
      2. Navigate to the local location where the Connectivity Services Director or the Connectivity Services Director API image is stored.
      3. Select the image file and click Open to load the path.
      4. Click Upload to load the image file into Junos Space.

      To upload Connectivity Services Director by using SCP:

      1. Click Upload via SCP to open the Upload dialog box.
      2. Enter the secure copy credentials to upload the image from a remote server to Junos Space.
        • Enter the username.
        • Enter the password and reenter the password in the Confirm Password field.
        • Enter the host IP address.
        • Enter the local path name of the Connectivity Services Director application file.
      3. Click Upload to load the image file into Junos Space.
    3. Click OK to skip viewing the job results.
    4. Select Connectivity Services Director and click Install.
    5. Click OK in the Application Configuration window dialog box.

      You can check the Job Status page to view the progress of the installation job. Once the installation completes, Connectivity Services Director appears on the Applications inventory page. The new application also appears in the Application Chooser (at the upper-left corner).

    6. Download the DMI schemas for devices that require a later schema, and upload the schema to the Junos Space.
    7. To work with Connectivity Services Director, select Connectivity Services Director from the Applications list in the upper left corner above the Tasks tree.

      Connectivity Services Director starts in your browser window and opens the default view as shown in Figure 1.

      Figure 1: Connectivity Services Director Interface

      Connectivity Services
Director Interface
    8. Bookmark this page in your browser for future use.

      You can use the bookmarked URL to log in to Connectivity Services Director without logging in to Junos Space first.

    9. Do the following depending on your networking requirements:
      1. Perform the initial configuration of Connectivity Services Director. See Preparing Devices for Management by Connectivity Services Director.

    Modified: 2016-07-14