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    Viewing the Service Path by Using the Topology Map Service Shortcut Menu

    A service path is a connector that displays the LSP configured for a particular service on a device in the Topology View. Because of a large number of services that might be configured among devices in a topology, it is required to distinguish only the LSPs or service paths that connect from one device to another device. In such a case, you can select a service displayed in the Topology View and choose to hide or show the service path for analysis purposes.

    Note: In the Topology View displayed in Build mode on the Connectivity Services Director GUI, mouse over a service and right-click to display a menu. When you mouse over a service, the name of the service is displayed as a tooltip.

    To hide or display a service path associated with a device in the Topology View:

    1. From the Junos Space user interface, click the Build icon on the Connectivity Services Director banner.

      The workspaces that are applicable to Build mode are displayed on the Tasks pane.

    2. From the View selector, select Topology View.

      The topology map of the sites or zones and the devices configured in each zone using the CSD-Topology is displayed.

    3. Select the Services tab on the lower portion of the page.

      The service details are displayed in a table.

    4. Select the check box beside a service configured for devices in the topology.

      The service paths that traverse the different devices on which the selected service is configured are displayed as highlighted lines in the Topology View.

    5. Right-click a service path and select one of the following options are available on the shortcut menu:

      Hide Service PathRemoves the LSPs configured for the service from being highlighted in the Topology View. This option is useful when a service is configured with multiple LSPs and you do not want the LSPs to be highlighted and shown.
      Show Service PathDisplays the LSPs configured for the service that were previously not highlighted for the service. This option is useful if you previously disabled the highlighting of LSPs in the service path and want to turn the highlighting on again. You cannot select individual LSPs by right-clicking the LSPs and highlight or disable the highlighting on them. Instead, you must select the dotted lines that represent a service to highlight or not highlight the LSPs pertaining to a service.

    Modified: 2016-08-29