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    Deleting Multihomed Groups

    You can delete a multihomed group if it is not being used in a service.

    To delete a multihomed group from the database:

    1. In the address bar of your browser window, enter: https://<>/mainui/ where <> is the Web IP address for Web access to the Services Activation Director GUI. Alternatively, from the Connectivity Services Director GUI, click the Junos Space icon in the Connectivity Services Director banner. The Junos Space Network Management Platform page is displayed.
    2. From the Applications list in the left pane of the Junos Space user interface, select Services Activation Director. The older version of the Services Activation Director workspaces are displayed.
    3. In the Network Activate task pane, select Prestage Devices > Manage Mulithomed Groups.
    4. In the Manage Multihomed Groups inventory page, select the multihomed group(s) you want to delete.
    5. Open the Actions menu and select Delete Multihomed Group.

      A pop-up window appears requesting confirmation.

    6. Click Delete.

      The Manage Multihomed Groups page reappears, which confirms that the multihomed groups were deleted.

    Modified: 2015-09-21