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    REST API Changes in Connectivity Services Director for Service Recovery

    The previous implementation of Service Recovery in Services Activation Director contained three different REST APIs to create a service request report. The three REST APIs were as follows:

    PUT method
    	@Consumes({ "application/json" })
    	public void putDeviceList(List<DeviceBean> deviceList);
    PUT method
    	@Consumes({ "application/json" })
    	public void putServiceDefinitionList(List<ServiceDefinitionBean> sdList);
    POST method
    	@Consumes({ "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", "application/json" })
    	public Response startServiceRecovery(ServiceRecoveryProfileBean svcRecProfileBean, 
    			@Context HttpServletRequest request);

    In Connectivity Services Director, all these three REST APIs for creating a service request report are being merged into one REST API as follows:

    POST method
    	@Consumes({ "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", "application/json" })
    public Response startServiceRecovery_V2(ServiceRecoveryProfileBean svcRecProfileBean, List<DeviceBean> deviceList, (List<ServiceDefinitionBean> sdList, @Context 
    HttpServletRequest request);

    Modified: 2016-05-08