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    Using Lightweight NorthStar with Connectivity Services Director

    The Lightweight NorthStar application is a smaller and lighter version of the NorthStar Controller application. When you install NorthStar Controller without specifying a license, it is considered as a NorthStar Lite or Lightweight NorthStar installation. NorthStar Controller licenses are granted for a specific number of controller sessions. Of that count, one is automatically reserved by the NorthStar Controller itself for an Operator user in order to maintain knowledge of the live network, regardless of whether a NorthStar client is open. The remaining count is available for simultaneous logged in users.

    Lightweight NorthStar is version of NorthStar without LSP provisioning. It discovers MPLS-TE topology from Traffic Engineering Database advertised via BGP-LS/ISIS/OSPF, and MPLS-TE LSP from PCEP. Lightweight NorthStar establishes a TCP-based BGP-LS session with Router Reflector routers in the network. The Traffic Engineering Database is synchronized during the BGP-LS session, allowing Lightweight NorthStar to auto-discover the MPLS-TE topology. Besides BGP-LS, OSPF and ISIS adjacencies can also be used for Traffic Engineering Database synchronization.

    In NorthStar Lite, the Path Computation Server (PCS) and Path Computation Element (PCE) services are disabled on the NorthStar Controller. Access the NorthStar Controller software download page at to download and install the NorthStar Lite utility.

    The NorthStar Controller has three client UIs, all of which allow you to access NorthStar Controller functionality:

    • NorthStar Controller Web UI (Operator)—for working with a live network
    • NorthStar Controller Java Client Operator UI—for working with a live network
    • NorthStar Controller Java Client Planner UI—for simulating the effect of various scenarios on the network, without affecting the live network

    Also, in the NorthStar Lite utility, the aforementioned UIs are not available for configuration. Instead, the NorthStar Controller application functions as a topology server only. You can view the topology map using the Topology View in the Connectivity Services Director GUI.

    Modified: 2016-05-30