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    Downloading the AI-Scripts Installation Package

    To download AI-Scripts:

    1. Using a Web browser, go to the following location:

    2. Log in to the Juniper Networks authentication system by using the user name and password provided by Juniper Networks.

      Note: If you are installing an AI-Scripts installation package manually, move the package to the /var/tmp directory on the device. If you do not move the AI-Scripts installation package to the device, you have to use FTP or SCP in conjunction with the request system scripts add command.

    3. In the Software tab, click the Application Package link.

      The AI-Scripts installation package is downloaded. The AI-Scripts installation package is in the following format:

      jais-m.nZx.y-signed.tgz for AI-Scripts releases earlier than 6.0R1.0. AI-Scripts Release 6.0R1.0 and later are downloaded in the jais-m.nZx.y.tar format.

      m.n are two integers that represent the software release number; m denotes the major release number; and n denotes the minor.

      Z, indicates the type of software release. In most cases, it is R, which indicates that this is released software. If you are involved in testing prereleased software, this letter might be B (for beta-level software).

      x.y indicates software build number and spin number, respectively.


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    Modified: 2017-02-01