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WAN Assurance Overview

SSR software can run on Juniper branded appliances, whitebox hardware (certified or self-evaluated), or virtual environments, and beginning with version 6.0, WAN Assurance for the SSR is available for users who manage their network using the Mist Cloud.

For software versions prior to SSR Version 6.0, WAN Assurance is available with Mist, but routers are managed by an on-premises conductor. Juniper SSR hardware devices (SSR120/130, SSR1200/1300/1400/1500) are currently shipping with the version 5.4.4 software.

The onboarding process for each deployment is similar - create the topology and configuration where the SSR will be adopted before adding the SSR to the Mist Cloud. The adoption is simplified through the zero-touch-provisioning process (ZTP) beginning with either scanning the QR code, or entering the claim code into your Mist Org. With Juniper branded systems, simply scan the QR code. If the device has been assigned to a site in the Mist UI, it will automatically be adopted into the Mist Org.


The process for bringing your SSR into the Mist cloud is the following:

and then either


For a new deployment of an SSR in the Mist Cloud, see Conductor Managed WAN Assurance.