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WAN Assurance Overview

SSR software can run on Juniper branded appliances, whitebox hardware (certified or self-evaluated), or virtual environments. Beginning with version 6.0, WAN Assurance for the SSR is available for users who manage their network using the Mist Cloud (Cloud-managed WAN Assurance).

For SSR devices running software versions 5.4.x and greater, WAN Assurance Cloud Telemetry is available through Mist, with routers managed by a conductor.

SSR Managment Models

The onboarding process for each deployment is similar - connect your device to the Mist Cloud, claim the device into your organization's inventory, create the topology, and add the device to the site. The process is simplified using zero-touch-provisioning (ZTP) beginning with either scanning the QR code, or entering the claim code into your Mist Organization.

Onboard a Mist-Managed SSR Device

For onboarding an SSR device with 6.x software, start with either SSR120 Onboarding or SSR130 Onboarding, whichever is appropriate for your deployment.

Adopt a Conductor-Managed SSR Device

To adopt conductor-managed SSR devices into Mist, refer to Cloud Telemetry for a Conductor-Managed SSR.

Adopt a Mist-Managed Whitebox Device

To adopt a Mist-managed whitebox device with 6.x software - a non-Juniper hardware device, that is either certified by Juniper, or a Juniper approved, self-evaluated device - use the following procedure:

  1. Whitebox Staging
  2. Whitebox Onboarding
  3. Site Assignment