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Troubleshooting IDP

show idp application status and its sub-commands provide information about the running state of the IDP engine.

admin@node.idp # show idp application status
Thu 2022-05-19 04:45:49 UTC
✔ Retrieving IDP application status...

Engine: on
Last: starting

Pod: active
Docker: running

IDP Start-up

Beginning with SSR version 6.1.4-R2, traffic destined for IDP will temporarily bypass the IDP engine until it completes the startup process. This will take place at initial start up of the device, upgrade, or restart. An alarm is triggered on the device to indicate this is taking place, and is visible using the show idp events command. Once the IDP engine is fully booted, traffic is appropriately routed through IDP. Earlier versions routed traffic to the IDP engine before it was fully engaged, resulting in the loss of traffic. With bypass-enabled set to true (this is the default) traffic temporarily bypasses the IDP.

Advanced IDP Setting

Additionally, services configured for IDP and their status (passing through IDP or not, and why), and when the IDP will be operational are reported in the show idp application status command.

Show Commands

Each of the commands listed below, and the subcommands for each, provide additional details for IDP visibility. Use the links to learn more about each command.

request idp signature-queryRequest IDP signature database connectivity.
show idp application detailsShow IDP engine details.
show idp application statusShow IDP application status.
show idp detailsShow IDP details.
show idp eventsShow all IDP events.
show idp events by-applicationShow IDP events by application.
show idp events by-attackShow IDP events by attack type.
show idp events by-severityShow IDP events by severity level.
show idp networkShow IDP networks.
show idp platformShow IDP platform data.
show idp signaturesShow IDP signature package details.
show stats idpMetrics about IDP.

Additional Commands

The following commands are visible only in the Advanced view, and should only be run when instructed to do so by Juniper technical support.

request idp restartRestart IDP Command.


The show stats idp display metrics for attacks, bytes received and transmitted, and packets dropped, processed, received, and transmitted, as well as by indiviual protocol.


The save tech-support info contains the relevant logs and journals associated with the IDP engine. A log category of IDP is available to increase the level of IDP info logged. IDP function logs are stored here: /var/log/128technology/idp/*.