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View and Manage Device Configuration

You can view and manage device configuration from the Configuration Template tab on the Device-Name page.

To view and manage a device configuration:

  1. Select Configuration > Devices in the left navigation menu.

    The Devices page is displayed.

  2. Click the Device-Name link.

    The Device-Name page appears.

  3. Click Configuration Template tab to view the device configuration.

The Configuration Template tab displays the predefined and user-defined configuration templates assigned to the device. Table 1 describes the fields on this tab. See Table 1 to view the list of default configuration templates provided by Paragon Automation.

Here’s what you can do on this tab:

  • View Active Configuration—To view the configuration currently active on the device, click View Active Configuration. The Active Configuration for Device-Name page appears, displaying the configuration in the Set, Junos Native, and XML formats for Juniper Networks devices.

    For devices from other vendors, you can view the active configuration in the Set and XML formats only. Click the close icon (X) or OK to close this page.

  • Configure template parameters—To configure template parameters for the device, select a template from the list and click Configure. The Template Parameters page appears. Configure the parameters on the Configure tab and then, preview the configuration on the Preview tab. Click OK to save the configuration.

    The Deployment Status changes to Ready to Deploy.

  • Validate the configuration template—To validate the configuration template before deploying it on the device, select the configuration template, and click Validate. A job is created to validate the configuration template.

  • Deploy the configuration template on the device—To deploy one or more configuration templates on the device, select the templates and click Deploy. A job is created to deploy the configuration. You can view the status of the jobs from the Jobs page (Monitoring > Jobs).

Table 1: Fields on the Configuration Templates Tab




Name of the configuration template.

Deployment Status

Deployment status of the configuration template.

  • No Configuration—Indicates that either the configuration template is not applied to the device or the configuration template does not have any values assigned to the parameters.

  • Deployed—Indicates that the configuration template is deployed on the device

  • Ready to Deploy—Indicates that the configuration template is configured on the system and is ready to be pushed on to the device

  • Deployment-In-Progress—Indicates that the configuration template is currently getting deployed on the device.

  • Deployment Failed—Indicates that the configuration template push failed on the device (due to some errors or conflicting configuration)

Deployment Date

Date and time at which the configuration template was deployed on the device in the Month DD, YYYY hh:mm:ss AM/PM format.


Description of the configuration template.


Indicates whether the validation of the configuration template was successful or not.