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Configuration Templates Overview

Paragon Automation provides configuration templates to provision opaque configurations, both during onboarding and throughout the device lifecycle, for Juniper Networks and other third-party devices. By using configuration templates, you can deploy customized configurations on devices that are managed by Paragon Automation.

A configuration template can be used as follows:

  • Globally—You can define the configuration (for example, SNMP Configuration) to be applied to all the devices managed by Paragon Automation.

  • Device-specific—You can define a configuration that is specific to a device; for example, BGP configuration

By default, Paragon Automation provides some predefined configuration templates. See Table 1 for the list of the predefined configuration templates You can also create your own templates by cloning an existing template and modifying its settings. Templates can be added by administrators or users with privilege to add configuration templates. Some of the predefined templates are pre-assigned to specific device templates for enabling configurations that are required during onboarding of a device; for example, username and password.

Table 1 lists the predefined configuration templates available in Paragon Automation.

Table 1: Predefined Configuration Templates in Paragon Automation




Configure the aggregated Ethernet interfaces on a device.


Configure the banner that appears when you log in to a device.


Configure Domain Name System (DNS) server settings on a device.


Configure the domain name on a device.


Configure the host name on a device.


Enable and configure Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) on all interfaces of a device.


Configure a local user on a device.


Configure NETCONF on a device.


Configure Network Time Protocol (NTP) settings on a device.


Configure basic SNMP version 2 (SNMPv2) parameters on a device.


Configure SSH parameters on a device.


Configure system log settings on a device.

You can deploy a configuration template as follows:


Configuration templates provide a mechanism to create customized configurations and push the configurations to one or more devices. This helps you to deploy configurations beyond the standard configuration templates provided in Paragon Automation.