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Zero-Touch Provisioning Overview

Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) allows you to provision new Juniper Networks devices in your network automatically, with minimal manual intervention. The ZTP feature uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to provision devices. You can use ZTP to onboard more than one device at a time.

  • In Paragon Automation, you can onboard only MX Series and QFX Series devices by using ZTP.

  • For ZTP on Junos OS devices, the supported versions are Junos OS Release 21.1 or later; see Deploy an Image.

  • On devices running Junos OS Evolved, the ZTP process applies the bootstrap configuration and leases IP addresses to the device. ZTP does not upgrade the image on the device.

  • To use ZTP for onboarding devices that are present on a subnet that is different from the subnet in which Paragon Automation is installed, see Configure a DHCP Relay for ZTP.

To use ZTP for onboarding a device that is present on the same subnet as Paragon Automation involves the following steps:

  1. Provide the inputs for device onboarding, such as the available IP addresses (range) to be leased, corresponding gateway information, and device details like root password and serial number, see About the Devices Page.

    Paragon Automation triggers a job and the job lists the progress of the ZTP process.

  2. A DHCP server, previously configured in Paragon Automation, leases an available IP address to the device requesting for an IP address.

  3. The device uses the IP address received from the DHCP server to connect with Paragon Automation.

  4. The bootstrap configuration and software images required for ZTP (served through the internal HTTP server of Paragon Automation) are installed on the device.

  5. The device establishes a NETCONF session with Paragon Automaton to synchronize the inventory, configurations, and the configuration version.

  6. (Optional) You can monitor the progress of the ZTP job on the Jobs (Monitoring > Jobs) page.

  7. After the ZTP job is completed, you can navigate to the Devices (Configuration > Devices) page to view the list of onboarded devices.


ZTP in Paragon Automation offers the following benefits:

  • Simplified, faster, and automated deployment of device configurations.

  • Auto-generated device configurations that are more accurate.

  • Faster provisioning of devices with minimal manual interventions.