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Upgrade the Device Image

For devices to support the latest features, you must upgrade the image running on the device to the latest available image. Refer to Image Upgrade Workflow.

To upgrade images on one or more devices:

  1. Select the devices that you want to upgrade and click More > Upgrade Devices.

    The Upgrade Devices page appears.

  2. Do the following:
    • To upgrade a different image on one or more devices, select the devices for which you want to choose an image to upgrade and click the Edit (pencil) icon.

      The Selected Image field for each device lists the images that you can choose to upgrade.

    • To upgrade the same image on two or more devices, select the devices and click Bulk Select Image. Select the image that you want to upgrade in the Select Image page that is displayed.


    While upgrading the image of a device, you cannot copy the image on to the device if the bandwidth on the device is lesser than 600Kbps.

  3. For each device, select the image that you want to upgrade from the list.
  4. In Upgrade Devices, click:
    • Run Now to upgrade the image immediately.

    • Schedule Later and select the date and time to schedule the upgrade.

  5. Click OK.

    A job is created to upgrade the image. You can view the progress of the job by clicking the job ID that appears on the top of the page or by navigating to the Jobs page (Monitoring > Jobs).