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Deploy an Image

To deploy an image, you should be an administrator or a user with the privilege to deploy images on devices. You can deploy an image on a single device or multiple devices at the same time.

  • Upgrade of Junos Continuity software packages (JAM packages) is not supported.

  • When you deploy an image on a device, the device goes into the maintenance state. In the maintenance state:

    • Other actions that impact the device such as, rebooting the device or deploying configuration templates is not possible.

    • Traffic flowing through an SRX Chassis Cluster or an EX Series or QFX Series Virtual Chassis is not disrupted.

    • Traffic flowing through a standalone device is disrupted.


You can also upgrade images from the Devices page; see Upgrade the Device Image.

To deploy an image onto a device:

  1. Click Configuration > Device Images on the left navigation menu.

    The images page appears.

  2. Select the device image to be deployed on the device and click the Deploy button.

    The Deploy Images page appears. In the Deploy Images page, you can view whether the image is staged on a device or not. If the image is not staged already, the image is copied on to the device and then deployed and this results in a longer deployment time.

  3. Under Select Devices, select one or more devices onto which the device image needs to be deployed.
  4. In the Deploy Image field, select a time to run the deployment:
    • Click Run Now to deploy the image immediately.

    • Click Schedule Later to deploy the image later and specify the date and time when you want the image to be deployed.

  5. Click OK.

    If you selected Run Now, a job is initiated immediately to deploy the image. If you selected Schedule Later, a job is initiated at the scheduled date and time to deploy the image. You can monitor the progress of the job in the Jobs page (Monitor > Jobs).